Do We Need Another Podcast?

We think the answer is yes!

business-of-digital-podcast-rss-logoYes, yes we do. Recent Matt and I finally launchied the site, Twitter account and Podcast. So who is The Business of Digital Podcast for? That is a fine question! We are trying to keep each episode focused on one topic that a small business owner or someone new to the digital marketing spectrum (SEO, PPC, Websites, Email, Social Media, CRO, etc.) might have questions about. We are also trying to keep each episode in the 15-20 minute range and with 7 espisodes already recorded we seem to be getting pretty good at it (most of the time). Hopefully the format, our experience and the guests we have will make it a fun and educational listen. Guests? Did you say guests? Yup I did. While Matt and I will likely be the only voices you hear on most of the podcasts we do know that we have our limits on some topics. That is why we will bring in guests to mix it up and add another voice to whatever topic we are covering that week. We already recorded 2 such episodes so look for those soon! Ready to listen? Here are the first 3 shows or just hop over to iTunes and subscribe now or check out the first three episodes here:

Still not sure this podcast is for you? Here are the topics we cover in the next 3 episodes and if you have ideas or want to be a guest please just let us know.

Photo Credit goes to the awesome Michael Dorausch who you can also find at @chiropractic