15 TinyURL Alternatives

Finds ways to easily shorten all your URLs

The past week or so there have been some snags with the once steady TinyURL and URLtea. The two services have started to take on heavy loads with services like Twitter using the APIs and creating a ginormous amount of links.

*Jan 2009 Update* - Scroll down and see the full 17+ list of services. My pick for best service is Zi.ma and a new one (I will be trying out) that is a build your own is URLShrink.

*Aug 2009 Update* - Alot has changed and I have deleted a few and updated some (it appears I had a wrong link for one as well). I will review more and updated the list shortly as services like is.gd, bit.ly, kl.am, and tr.im are all strong services now.

Below are some alternatives to TinyURL and URLtea:

1. URL Shortener

A Firefox add-on that shows up in your Tools bar but upon trying it tonight it didnt work. I was unable to get the site to come up either. Not sure if I hit it at the wrong time but its still not a good sign.

2. SI9

A simple site that again - doesnt seem to work. Whats with these services, are they all down?


Well is the 3rd time the charm? Yes it is. This service seems to be up and working. Has a quick link to add it as a Search Engine within Firefox for quicker conversions.

4. Metamark

The most interesting service thus far. It asks for the URL, your Nickname, and a Secret ?. It allows you to log back in and see stats on the link. Note that you have to register with Bitcard to get the stats.

5. Notlong

Taking a different tact, this service has you select a subdomain. I created http://tinyalternative.notlong.com and it of course works. However what if someone else wants to use that? They cant. As time goes by and more users begin to use the service you will have to guess and guess and guess what to use. It would be nicer if the service suggested something for you and gave you the option to type something in. It does automatically create a password so you can get stats. A nice feature if I do say so (better then having to create a login)

6. Xaddr

Interesting service that was inspired by TinyURL and the desire to create his own. The service works quickly and offers a test link. Also are directions on how to add Xaddr to your browser toolbar or in your windows task bar.

7. Snipurl

A nice clean site with the option to create a login, private key, and a title. You can go and look at your old snips as well as others. I think I will create an account and start using this service from now on. Very nice indeed.

8. Doiop

A simple service that lets you select your keyword. As I stated before this is a nice feature but also can be annoying when you start to get repeats of keywords.

9. dwarfURL

Plug and play with a Firefox extension. You can also add an optional password to see the stats at a later date.

10. memurl

Simple and to the point. Shortens your URL.

11. shorl

Go simple or go complicated. If you want you can login and get stats or just do one off shorlifys.

12. qurlyq

No frills service. Gives you up to 1500 characters.

13. lilurl.us

Allows for simple shortening or the type that you can track. If you choose to track it you have to create your own text (back to the duplicate issue) and a password. So if you need to password protect a URL I suggest this service.

14. is.gd

Another simple TinyURL alternative. Plug and go.

15. traceurl

Another above the call of duty type of service. Create an account and you can track and monitor your URLs. If you are the type that needs to shorten URLs alot - this is the service for you. After digging into this list I personally will start to try Traceurl and Snipurl. If anything, I have learned that just using TinyURL isnt a good idea. Did I miss any services? Let me know.


16. hop2.com - thanks Robin Hop2 appears to be a very old service and very easy to use. You can set the "hopword" or just let it create one for you - why couldnt any of the others do that?

*Jan 2009 Update*

17. UrlShrink

You can see the code and create your own here. Its simple but if you know ColdFusion it will be a snap.