Yahoo Live Shutting Down

Back in March I was able to watch the Winter Music Conference shake its groove thing at night thanks to Yahoo Live.  It seems that Y! Live will be shutting down on December 3, 2008.

Earlier this week I read about Revver having financial issues, but the Founder answered the rumor and stated that they were simply migrating to a different and better provider.

I personally dont believe  him, but lets pretend that its the full truth.

I would be curious to see how the financials of companies like,,  Viddler, Vimeo, etc. and how they will weather the months ahead of fewer ad dollars to spend.

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Yahoo’s Site Explorer gets a new look

Im not sure why I happen to jump over to look at Site Explorer at 2AM on a Sunday, but I did. I found quite a bit more than I had expected.

It seems that sometime in the past few days Yahoo went and updated the look of the results for Site Explorer. As you can see from the image below and from the actual results, I learned that Yahoo really doesnt like to index my site. Oops.

Yahoo Explorer Update

I dont know if I like them better or worse but the results do appear more compact then the previous design.

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Watch Sunday Night Football Live Online

It was another weekend of football around my house. With the Chicago Cubs going down in 3, my hope was for a good showing by my college teams and the Bears to win over the Lions.  All went well for my teams – and Dave was happy.

As I wrote up my experience with Live Streaming MLB Playoffs, I started to be upset at myself for not commenting on the better NFL experience.  So tonight, I am doing just that.

Sunday Night Football with John Madden and Al Michaels is a great way to wind down from the weekend for me.  The problem in my house has become the number of shows on Sunday nights that everyone wants to watch. It has made it difficult for me to just sit and watch, until I found out they were streaming the Sunday Night Football games online. How awesome is that, the NFL live and online?

Unlike the attempt by TBS and MLB for having MLB Playoffs Live Online , it seems that the NFL and NBC have done everything right.

Initial Sunday Night Football View

NFL Live on Sunday Night

As you can see, they give you a few views and the picture is very clear.  You can follow players around, watch the broadcast,  watch the cable cam, or pick the sideline cam. All give you great angles and if you dont zoom in on any one you can watch them all at the same time (not fully but you get an idea of what is going on everywhere).  When in this view (or even when zoomed in) and you mouse over either the right or left sides you are given the option to switch to a different view. This again, just makes it such a smooth UI to use.

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Watch MLB Playoffs Live Online

Recently I was able to watch a Sunday Night Football game live and online and it was great. Everything about it was great. The video quality was good, the sound, the option to switch back and forth from different camera angles – all I can say is that it was well done.

Tonight I had some work to do and thought I would see if I could watch the Cubs online. What do you know, but I can. Great I thought to myself, this is awesome.

Not so much.


I figured out where to get audio for the MLB Playoffs. It is from ESPN so it doesnt match the video exactly that MLB and TBS show, but it gives you some sound. If you go to ESPN Radio and hear the ESPN team covering the game – I cant tell you which one to pick but tonight the Dallas, Tx channel has the game. Like the entire setup by MLB and TBS it’s not perfect but it works.


MLB Game Online

I added in the white lines (where the video was playing) to show you how they have it set up. It simply uses Windows Media player to stream the video.  The page loads with 4 screens which I figured out later can be set to the full video area by clicking the Mosaic, Backstop, Pitcher, Dugout or Batter icons. How was I suppose to know those were buttons?

Once I figured that out – it was nice to have a bigger picture.  The quality wasnt bad but it wasnt great. The sound – what sound? They piped in the sound that the camera picked up. There werent any anouncers or anything, just the sound of the crowd. This isnt exactly watching baseball online if you ask me. Luckily for me I live in Chicago and get WGN – so I listened to them. The problem with this is that the video was lagging some minute or so behind the radio broadcast. Another strike against MLB Gamecast or MLB Live and Online.

The final straw came when the video just stopped.  So there I am, watching a blank screen. I kept trying to refresh the page but couldnt find a nonflash area on the page. Finally I got it, but had to wait for it to buffer, load, buffer, and finally play. Talk about another stike against them.

So lets recap:

Sound Quality: Strike

Usability: Strike

Video Quality – Foul Ball

Streaming: Strike 3!!!

And that is when I turned it off.

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Twitter WordPress Plugin

For a long time I have heard good things about twitterfeed but much like graywolf I hate to use 3rd party applications that ask for my username and password. So what else could I do but go on a hunt for a Twitter WordPress plugin?

I did a seach on WordPress for “twitter” and found some possible options but only 2 really stood out as probables:


Twitpress is a simple and straight forward plugin. It gives you few options but does the job. You can customize the tweet but that is about it.

One problem I have with Twitpress is that the permalink option does not work. Im sure that I could go in and figure it out, but thats not the point :). The permalink is suppose to look like “” and not like this:

Twitpress result

Overall, Twitpress will get the job done but its not my favorite Twitter WordPress plugin.

Twitter updater w/ TinyURL

Twitter updater has some nice bells and whistles that Twitpress does not have. You can define when you post to Twitter and get a few more options. The link is also clean and short due to the use of TinyURL, but I am greedy and would like to see some alternatives to TinyURL available.

The options though do favor Twitter updater. You can update Twitter when you create a new post (status is saved but not published), edit a post (re-save but not publish), publish a new post or edit a post. Like I said, quite a few options.

The TinyURL integration is handy due to the fact that some blog links can get very long. Take a look at what it looked like for me:

Twitpress result

As you can see, it is clean and simple. The ability to change the wording for each action is also quite handy. I think going forward I am going to stick with Twitter updater as my WordPress 2 Twitter application.

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Jaiku Gets an Upgrade, Somewhat

Not that I follow anyone actively or use my account much but it is somewhat interesting to see Google actually do something with one of its purchases.

Like many of the small companies they buy, very little seems to come of the great promise. Do you recall Dodgeball? GrandCentral? Postini? The list goes on and on and only a few have gone on to be integrated or enhanced. I understand that many are bought simply for their technology/people and integrated into bigger projects, but wouldnt it be nice if some were actually nurtured and built out?

Perhaps Jaiku has a chance, we will have to wait and see. Having Jaiku moved over to Google’s servers is a start. Jaiku is in the middle of a remake so that it can be fully hosted as a Google App – which should be interesting as well.

Also, per the email from Jaiku, there are now unlimited invitations available.

We've been working on the Jaiku service over the weekend after
finding an issue with one of our servers on Friday. As part of the
solution, we're moving Jaiku to a Google data center.

This is something that we'd planned to do anyway, as part of our
future transition to Google App Engine. Now that we've moved, we'll
need to ask you to review and accept a new terms of service and
privacy policy.

As a special thank you for your patience, we'd like to throw a
little nest-warming party and open unlimited invitations for Jaiku.

Please sign in at to review and accept the new terms.

Special notice to users of Jaiku Mobile: to reconnect Jaiku Mobile
after agreeing to the new terms, select 'Go Online' from the Options
menu on your phone.

Anyways, it is good to see some time and energy put into a purchase, perhaps Feedburner and some of the other purchases will recieve some Google Love soon as well.

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Comcastic or Confusing?

That is what I am asking as I sit and read about Comcast capping bandwidth to 250GB starting October 1st here, here, and here. I personally cant think of a time I have ever used close to that amount, but I am sure that there are those that do. The thing that confuses me is an announcement that Comcast just made a few months ago about some super fast bandwidth.

So let me get this straight with a super quick timeline:

– In April you announce 50Mbps broadband for $149.95 to consumers and $199.95 to businesses (in just a very few areas)

– In August you announce a cap of 250GB a month that starts Oct. 1

Reports say that Comcast was actually trying to cap it in May, just one month after letting some residential and businesses gain access to super fast speeds.

According to the FAQ, they say that only 0.1% or 14,000 subscribers would be impacted. I personally dont think that is a huge number, but the whole odd thing is to allow people to get such fast speeds and then try and cap them. Aren’t you just asking for trouble?

The FAQ about Excessive Use gives a good amount of detail and the fact that it is available online with the content that it has, leads me to wonder what Comcast spokesman Charlie Douglas is talking about on

Um, Charlie. If everything that is being said is right there in black and white on your site, how can you simply be “evaluating this service and pricing model to ensure we deliver a great online experience to our customers”?

So this leads me to ask why would they give people that kind of broadband and then cap it just a few months later? Why would you even allow a consumer to have that kind of bandwidth? Perhaps I will ask @comcastcares since he did offer me a way to stop Comcast from sending me marketing materials daily (when I already am a subscriber).

Anyways, I just find the whole thing confusing.

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Igniting Viral Campaigns – SES SJC 2008

Im covering 5-7 sessions for Barry over @ Search Engine Roundtable and there are some other great people doing even more. So as a warm-up for those, I thought I would cover a session this morning. I think I got some of the rust off, but we will find out later.

For full SES San Jose coverage see Search Engine Roundtable.

Chris W – 10e20

What is viral marketing? – it is the spread of information quickly… word of mouth marketing online (and when done right – its supercharged)

In short – its a giant conversation online

Blogs and Microblogs

– Highly consumable format for social media users


People on the street think that Myspace & FB are social media

– niche space:

– look beyond the big ones and into your niche

Online Video

– its a place where people can go and share and discuss

Forums & Groups


Socail News & bookmarking

– SU, Digg,

What is good content?

– lists
– How to’s
– Surveys and rankings
– Comprehensive
– Strong opinion
– “Best ofs” and Complilations
– Calculators and tools
– Video – something interesting
– Widgets
– badges and Quizes

Have clear goals and objectives.

Promote great content.

Contribute to the communities.

Make the sites work together. Cross uses sites to promote each other.


Justilien Gaspard – Igniting Viral Campaigns

= Branding
– Product launch
– Customer acquisition
– Link Marketing

Strategy – People of Influence

The Approach
– you could launch and then contact these people or….

Develop relationships ahead of time, build teams, and collaborate with them.

Start by sending them leads and info… down the road when you launch a viral campaign… they might be more open to helping you – even bring them in to consult.

Blogger – you could use your regular blogger to come up with something creative

Contest – you could run a contest internally

Cartoonist – hire a local or something from a cheaper country

Interviews – Experts, Bloggers, Journalists, CEOs, VPs

Research – white papers, reports, surveys

Brand Advocates

– find these people in social media, own customer lists, forums

Recruiting Influencers

– can be difficult
– attend industry conferences and interact in person
– buy advertising from a blogger that you want to talk to
– Hire consultants – experts, bloggers, journalist, form owners/moderators

Spread the buzz
– *shows long list very quickly*


Fionn Downhill – Elixir Interactive

Why viral Marketing?

78% of 26k surveyed said they trust “recommendations from users”

7 out of 10 americans use the internet for news

– TV news losing 1MM viewers per year

– Newspaper circ down 10% since ’01

Journalists are online:

– 97% find news sources
– 79% find story ideas on newswires


Myth – web 2.0 and viral marekting costs a fortune

Fact – Using web 2.0 for viral marketing takes time and a strategic planned approach for success

Budget – create specific marketing strategies that benefits the campaign but keeps budget low. Dont have the resources for the next chicken or elf dont worrky, you can still leverage web 2.0 for effective viral marketing.

Basic elements of a viral campaign

– give free stuff away
– give away a white paper
– utilize existing communication networks
– exploigs common motivations and behaviors
– scales easily from small to very large
– provices for effortless transfer to others
– takes advanage of others’ resources

– blogs
– forums
-rss feeds
– *took screen down*

To Blog or not to Blog??

– you need to have a plan
– dont write a “me too” type blog

You Tube

– set up your own branded channel
– create simple videos – fun and quirky
– tell your clients and your friends
– optimize your channel
– link from your website
– flip video camera

TubeMogul – free service that distrubutes your video for you

Measuring Sucess
– Rss subscribers
– social bookmarks
– comments to your blog
– links to your website by social media
– what blogs, forums etc are talking about your
– monitor referring links


Jennifer Laycock

How to create ideas that spread

1. Thou shalt know they customer
– all about delivering the goods
– cant deliver if you dont know the desire
2. Thou shalt be remarkable – gives Zappos example
– amazing marketing message
– amazing company
3. Thou shalt try, try again – it may take you 20 attempts
– most viral efforts dont take off
– every try improves your marketing

Brainstorming the idea….

– what do your suctomers love about your
– what do customers not like about your
– what is your biggest challenge?
– what sparks online converstation?
– can you do soething outragrous
– can you do something hilarious?
– do you have a holiday connection?
– can you make the “mostest” something
– what do you wish people said about you?
– can you create or embrace controversy
– do you have an underdog story
– are you connected to a news story
– what time of site sends the best vistors
– what motivates your customer base

Creating the campaign

– can you create and edit videos
– can you create and edit flash games
– can you create and edit widgets
– do you have a skilled writer
– do you have a skilled researcher
– do you have a skilled humorist
– do you have an email list? if so, how big? if not, can you buy one?
– can you partner with a non-profit?
– can you get your product in front of people?
-do you have the ability to track roi from traffic and conversions
– do you have an established marketing budget
– can you give something away for free? if so, how many items?

Launhing the campaign

– can the idea spread ia social media
– can the idea spread via blogs
– do you have a blog?
– can you research and build a pitch list
– do you have established relationships with influential bloggers
– do you have established relationships with influenctial social media users?

Should do before pitching
– read at least five posts on their site
– comment on one or 2 exisitng posts
– write at least 2 sentences that are unique to the person you are pitching
– have at least one other person read the email before you send it
– contact the blogger to share feedback on their site a few weeks before the pitch
– keep track of which sites you plan to pitch

Must does
– maker sure your pitch address the person by name
– make sure you have the right email address
– send individual emails
– be completely transparent (let them know who u work for)
– spell check your message
– familiarize yourself with their readers
– ask yourself in all honesty if this pitch is relevant to their readers
– check to see if they have a policy about accepting pitches
– if you pitch multiple writers at same site, let them know

Next steps
– pass out your brainstorming sheets
– gather thoughts independently
– meet as a group, check off possiblities
– create your idea

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Kwippy Guide

Im not sure if this is a guide or a review of Kwippy – or if its somewhere in the middle. I was sent an invite to Kwippy from @mktackabery (thanks!) and signed up. Due to some work I needed to finish I was unable to play around much until tonight.

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10 Question Twitter Survey Results

So recently I had the brilliant idea to put together a bit of a survey and see how others used Twitter. Well, I did it. I did have to do some twitter whoring to get the 100 responses, but it did work.

I kept it short and sweet and only had 10 questions. Why did I pick 10 questions? Good question.

  1. People like Top 10 lists
  2. Im lazy and only thought of 10 questions
  3. The free software I used limited me to 10
  4. People are lazy, the more questions the more garbage answers Id get

And about my being lazy – as soon as I posted the survey I thought of 3 great questions to ask. Next time I guess, but for now – on to the results.

My Thoughts on the Twitter Survey

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