What is Customer Service?

Note: This draft, well now post is a year (and change) old and after a few edits I am finally posting it! Since it is still relevant so heck why not post it?! Now the other 10+ drafts that I just deleted… well they will never see the light of day.

I went into my frequent lunchtime location: Chipotle. Now if you want fast good food this is the place – especially if you are a taco/burrito fan.

There is however a drawback to going here. Have you ever seen those Visa Checkcard ads? Where the store is an assembly line that never stops? That is Chipotle.

If you are looking for fast food then it is a great thing. On the other side of that the feeling you get is they want you out of there.  I was no closer then 5 feet away from the counter and the girl was asking me what I wanted.  There was no “Hi” or “Hello” or “How are you how can I help you?” it was straight and to the point.

The decor of a Chipotle is similar to the way it runs – simple and industrial.  There are other companies out there that run in a similar fashion and they give you the same feeling or lack there of.

I have never heard of someone talk about the service of a Chipotle or a Portillo’s except when it was bad.  There are no good things other then it being fast, fast, and faster.

Where you work, do you shuffle the customer in and out ASAP or do you actually talk and listen to them?  If all you can hang your hat on is that you are the fastest, will that work in your market? What if someone that has the same quality product comes along but a better customer service? Why do people buy from Zappos.com? Why do I always hear about how wonderful their service is? I have never even shopped there but I know that if I was to buy shoes online that I should go there.

So does your company treat the customer like cattle and herd them in and out as quick as possible or are you personable, memorable, and leave a good impression on them?

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