2010 Marketing Conferences

Every year more and more conferences join the scene for social media, online advertising, online marketing, blogging, internet retail, web analytics, social networks, conversion, PPC, Search Engine Optimization, SEO, SMM, SEM, and any other buzz word that relates to business online.

So with each year these conferences come and go and each year I tend to go to the same conferences. Hey, I love seeing old friends and making a few along the way but this year I want to branch out more than I have in the past. To do this I will need your help in finding out about every 1-8 day type conference anywhere on the globe. Now I wont make most of them as I live in Chicago but I would think that there are many other people in this pickle.

So I ask that you take a look at the list below and if you have a small conference (or are running one) please contact me or leave a comment below with information about it. I would love to create a huge list so that everyone can find a local (or not so local) conference that they can attend. So promote and pimp your conference or just help out others and shoot over anything that I have missed.

Conference Cost City Month Dates Early Bird
OnlineMarketingSummit $1,795.00 San Diego 02/01/10 Feb 23-25
Social Fresh $315.00 Tampa 02/01/10 Feb 8 Yes
SMX West $1,395.00 Santa Clara, Ca 03/01/10 March 2-4 Yes
SES NYC $1,895.00 NYC 03/01/10 March 23-25 Yes
Inbound Marketing Summit N/A San Francisco 04/01/10 April 14-15
Emetrics $1,495.00 Toronto 04/01/10 April 8-9 Yes
SMX Toronto $1,295.00 Toronto 04/01/10 April 8-9 Yes
Pubcon South $699.00 Dallas 04/01/10 April 13-15 Yes
SOBCon 2010 $895.00 Chicago 04/01/10 April 30- May 2 Yes
MarketingProfs Business-to-Business Forum 2010 $1,195.00 Boston 05/01/10 May 4-5
Emetrics $2,295.00 San Jose 05/01/10 May 4-6 Yes
4th Int’l AAAI Conference on Weblogs and Social Media N/A Washington, D.C. 05/01/10 May 23-26
Inbound Marketing Summit N/A Chicago 06/01/10 June 23-24
SMX Advanced $1,595.00 Seattle 06/01/10 June 8-9 Yes
2010 Semantic Technology Conference $1,495.00 San Francisco 06/01/10 June 23-25 Yes
SES San Fran N/A San Francisco 08/01/10 August 17-19 Yes
Inbound Marketing Summit N/A Boston 10/01/10 October 6-7
SMX East $1,395.00 NYC 10/01/10 October 4-6 Yes
SES Chicago N/A Chicago 10/01/10 Oct ?? Yes
Blogworld N/A Las Vegas 10/01/10 Oct ?? Yes
Mediabistro’s Web 3.0 Conference N/A Boston 10/01/10 N/A Yes
DMA:2010 $1,699.00 San Francisco 10/01/10 Oct 10-13 Yes
Inbound Marketing Summit N/A Austin 11/01/10 November 9-10
Pubcon Vegas N/A Las Vegas 11/01/10 Nov ?? Yes
Social Fresh N/A St. Louis N/A N/A Yes
Social Media Conference $995.00 Miami 01/01/10 Jan 28-29
Internet Retailer 2010 Conference & Exhibition $1,295.00 Chicago 06/01/10 June 8-10 Yes
eTail West $1,399.00 Desert Springs, Palm Desert, Ca 02/01/10 Feb 23-24 Yes
eTail Europe $700.00 London 06/01/10 June 16-17 Yes
eTail East $1,099.00 Baltimore 08/01/10 Aug 9-12
Sohobiztube Event $699.00 Chicago 03/01/10 5-Apr Yes
The Search Exchange $895.00 Charlotte 05/01/10 May 17-19 Yes
SPARKt $69.00 Chicago 02/01/10 26-Feb
Think Tank Live $225.00 Milwaukee 02/01/10 23-Feb
The Search Insider Summi $2,495.00 Captiva Island, Florida 04/01/10 April 14-17, 2010 Yes
Market Saint Louis $249.00 St. Louis 04/01/10 1-Apr Yes
2010 Search and Social Spring Summit $525.00 Tampa 05/01/10 May 3-4
Affiliate Summit East 2010 $1,249.00 New York City 08/01/10 August 15-17 Yes
SEOktoberfest 2010 $7,000.00 Munich, Germany 09/01/10 Sept 21-23
LeadsCon Las Vegas $895.00 Las Vegas 02/01/10 Feb 23-24 Yes
LeadsCon East NA New York City 07/01/10 July 26-27 Yes
SMX Advanced – London $1,250.00 London 05/01/10 May 17-18 Yes
SMX Munich $1,400.00 Munich, Germany 03/01/10 Mar 23-24 Yes
SMX Sydney $1,435.00 Sydney 04/01/10 Apr 22-23 Yes
SES London $1,195.00 London 02/01/10 Feb 15-18 Yes
SES Toronto $1,295.00 Toronto 06/01/10 Jun 10-11 Yes
SES Amsterdam $700.00 Amsterdam 03/01/10 18-Mar
SES Berlin $1,260.00 Berlin 11/01/10 Nov 24-25 Yes
Audience Conference 2 NA New York City NA NA
a4u Expo – Affiliate Marketing Conf & Expo $560.00 Munich, Germany 05/01/10 May 18-19 Yes
a4u Expo – Affiliate Marketing Conf & Expo NA London NA NA Yes
SXSW Music $700.00 Austin, Tx 03/01/10 Mar 17-21 Yes
SXSW Film $425.00 Austin, Tx 03/01/10 Mar 12-20 Yes
SXSW Interactive $500.00 Austin, Tx 03/01/10 Mar 12-16 Yes

And yes even send in the 1 day type conferences that happen in a deli around the corner from your house. This doesnt mean every Drupal and WordPress meetup that you have but it if is a special type event I would love to add it and share!

Thanks to Yoast and his sortable tables!

12 Responses to “2010 Marketing Conferences”

  1. Dana Lookadoo Says:


    What a fantastic list!!

    You may want to add 2010 Search and Social Spring Summit (aka IM Spring Break), May 3-4, Tampa, FL, $525. See Loren Baker for details.

    Look forward to seeing you at a conference in 2010… which one?


  2. daver Says:

    Thanks Dana! I went looking for info but couldnt find anything on any of their sites so figured Id let them direct me to it.

  3. Shawn Collins Says:

    Please add…

    Conference: Affiliate Summit East 2010 http://www.affiliatesummit.com/
    Cost: 4 pass types
    City: New York City
    Month: August
    Dates: August 15-17
    Early Bird: Yes

  4. Nick Says:

    Stellar list. Thanks for compiling it.

  5. Marcus Says:

    The SEOktoberfest me and Quadszilla are doing each year is missing on your list ๐Ÿ™‚

    SEOktoberfest 2010 will be 21st till 23rd of September – Tickets are 5.000 Euros (approx. 7.000 US-Dollars)

    Check out SEOktoberfest 2009 | The Movie -> http://vimeo.com/6864678 *shameless promotion* ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. daver Says:


    That is of course the one conference I would love to go to. I mean, who wouldnt? Besides how can you beat seeing Avi & Boser in lederhosen?!? I will add it in the update I am doing tonight.

  7. Marcus Says:

    Ha, well… Avi & Boser in Lederhosens is not that pretty LOL ๐Ÿ™‚
    I prefer our playmates in Dirndlยดs ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. daver Says:

    Well I cant argue there. The playmates would win the Hot factor hands down but the WOW factor – could be close.

  9. Geoff Snyder Says:

    Hey Dave…a close friend just sent this my way.

    eMA Conference: April 21st and 22nd in San Fransisco, CA
    Cost: $1,295
    Early Bird: Yes – expires on February 15th.


  10. Geoff Snyder Says:

    Just found this one going on up in Atlanta:


  11. dk - purposeinc Says:

    thinktank – Del Mar California Sep. 17, 18 and 19.
    Invite only, $3k to get in. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Jody Says:

    Would you please add I_Blog Conference, November 5-7, 2010 in Perry, Iowa? At $199 it’s a steal!

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