Comcastic or Confusing?

That is what I am asking as I sit and read about Comcast capping bandwidth to 250GB starting October 1st here, here, and here. I personally cant think of a time I have ever used close to that amount, but I am sure that there are those that do. The thing that confuses me is an announcement that Comcast just made a few months ago about some super fast bandwidth.

So let me get this straight with a super quick timeline:

– In April you announce 50Mbps broadband for $149.95 to consumers and $199.95 to businesses (in just a very few areas)

– In August you announce a cap of 250GB a month that starts Oct. 1

Reports say that Comcast was actually trying to cap it in May, just one month after letting some residential and businesses gain access to super fast speeds.

According to the FAQ, they say that only 0.1% or 14,000 subscribers would be impacted. I personally dont think that is a huge number, but the whole odd thing is to allow people to get such fast speeds and then try and cap them. Aren’t you just asking for trouble?

The FAQ about Excessive Use gives a good amount of detail and the fact that it is available online with the content that it has, leads me to wonder what Comcast spokesman Charlie Douglas is talking about on

Um, Charlie. If everything that is being said is right there in black and white on your site, how can you simply be “evaluating this service and pricing model to ensure we deliver a great online experience to our customers”?

So this leads me to ask why would they give people that kind of broadband and then cap it just a few months later? Why would you even allow a consumer to have that kind of bandwidth? Perhaps I will ask @comcastcares since he did offer me a way to stop Comcast from sending me marketing materials daily (when I already am a subscriber).

Anyways, I just find the whole thing confusing.

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