Kwippy Guide

Im not sure if this is a guide or a review of Kwippy – or if its somewhere in the middle. I was sent an invite to Kwippy from @mktackabery (thanks!) and signed up. Due to some work I needed to finish I was unable to play around much until tonight.

What is Kwippy?

Kwippy is another microblogging site that appears to look and act more like Pownce than Twitter. If you want to get started you can read their guide which will answer quite a few questions you may have. If you are in need of an invite, just comment below and I will try and get you one. If you do run out and sign up, I encourage you to read this guide that they put together.

Kwippy Features

  • Comments – you can comment on what people say. I wish Twitter had this.
  • No character limits for your post.
  • Conversations – you can invite people. I tried this but am not sure what it does exactly.
  • Is integrated with GTalk and Yahoo IMs which allow you to “kwip” by changing your status or just IM’ing in your “kwip”.
  • Has a Twitter invite. I wonder who they are really trying to target? 😉
  • Has Friends, Following, and Followers with their icons displayed.
  • Posting Links & Media: Pownce allows you to insert all sorts of media into your posts, Twitter only allows links, Kwippy (as of now) only appears to allow links (they do have nofollow on them).
  • Has favorites, a tally of kwips and comments, and a search – all standard fare

My Take on Kwippy

I think we need another microblogging platform like we need another hole in the head. That said, not all is bad about Kwippy. I say “bad” because I think it has quite a ways to go. Have you seen what Pownce looks like? Take a look at my profile on Pownce and compare it to the screenshot of Kwippy below:

Wow, can they look any more alike? It seems to me that Kwippy’s display of messages is exactly like Pownce and the user info display is right off of a Twitter page. What do you think?

So Kwippy allows comments, and here is one:

Not to exciting is it? I had hoped it would be some AJAX or CSS type thing that would keep it on the same page. I guess not.

My verdict:

Kwippy itself is in need of some serious usability and design help. Example: The “friend a person” and the “follow a person” buttons are placed apart from each other and make it confusing to know which I should do. Twitter is far and beyond Kwippy in simple design as well as Pownce. I would like to see the design cleaned up and the functionality reworked a bit. As it is now, it isnt intuitive and makes you work to figure out how to use it. If they want to convert people from Twitter/Pownce/Plurk or gather new users, it must be simple to use.

I do have to admit that I am personally not a fan of Plurk, never really liked Pownce, and have loved Twitter from the start. Where does Kwippy fit in? It has a chance to be better than Pownce but it is a bit clunky and isnt as clean as Twitter.

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  1. Mayank Dhingra Says:


    Thanks for sharing your take on kwippy. I would like to mention here that kwippy is a “status sharing application” which uses IM and social network statuses as social objects and lets people have conversations over them(more here The conversation invite feature lists all your followers and you can select the ones whom you think would be nice to have in a conversation, they in turn can invite their followers and so on and this can make a conversation viral like this one ( ). Ajax for comments is a nice suggestion and we’ll have it shortly. Friends is a way to group people you know/trust and want to follow as well. Hope things are a bit clearer now.More feedback/suggestions are most welcome.