Sears Centre Review

I plan to keep this short as the venue is nothing special… but the parking? The parking is horrible. I have had to park blocks and blocks away and they still charge you an insane amount.

If you dont know where the Sears Centre is? It is some 45-50 miles outside of Chicago. Yes, it will take you a full hour and more to drive into the Loop. Yet the Sears Centre charges more for parking then they do at Wrigley Field almost.

The Rosemont Horizon… errr AllState Center charges 10-20$ for parking, yet every concert at the Sears Centre charges $20. Why? The Sears Centre is technically out in the sticks and has fields, farms, and some industrial parks around it. They still charge you, sorry, gouge you for parking.

I have started to boycott concerts there simply due to the crazy parking fees.

I would love to see the Shamrox play there, but if they charge me $20 to park there, I will simply go home.

Sorry Sears Centre, this is your Sears Centre review and you fail. Stop with the gouging for parking.

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