Deep Data Diving – eMetrics Lite

I am at eMetrics all week and will post some of my quick session notes as the week goes on. If you want to follow what everyone is seeing, I advise you check out

The first session was: Deep Data Diving – Bringing Online and Offline Inline w/ Rufus Evison.

13 million pieces of mail every quarter using 9 million variables

Data (is meaningless on its own) -> Information (has context) -> Insight (taking actions based on information)


Justification -> Usability -> Information Strategy

Great Example: Someone had said that they did a test of Gap, Macys and (some other store) with a set number of users. Those users were given $1000 to spend and one hour to spend it in. The worst store had only 5% of its users complete the task of making a purchase. The best one only converted 60%. Is this due to usability?

Talks about the McNamara Fallacy… lots of details

Gives some interesting numbers about loyalty cards, shopping habits and the UK.


– Loyalty cards help us change data -> information

– There is a difference between data and information

There was some Q&A but since this isnt Live Blogging – I didnt take notes for you 🙂

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