Twitterlicious Review

Twitterlicious is a windows application for Twitter (obviously). It uses the API as all Twitter applications do (well, the “good” ones) but is a desktop application. There are some other desktop applications but many of the ones I have looked at and used in the past were web based (TwitterFox).

Twitterlicious Features:

  • Small and concise UI
  • Hides itself in the system tray when not needed, and offers pop up notification
  • Displays the read and unread status of tweets
  • Allows you to control the refresh rate
  • And more – see the site for a complete list

Twitterlicious Screenshot

Twitterlicious Screenshot

Twitterlicious Quick Commands:

  • Ctrl + W — minimise the Twitterlicious main window.
  • Ctrl + R — refresh.
  • Ctrl + K — mark all twits as read.
  • Ctrl + Return — send update (same as clicking “Go”)
  • And many more

The Good Stuff

Overall the product isnt bad for the price (free but they ask for a donation), but it isnt for me. To really be able to use it well you have to know the quick commands and that involves a learning curve. Twitterlicious doesnt do much to separate direct messages from community messages and makes it more difficult to find them then it should be.

Some other problems that I had include:

  • I cant click links, I have to use the keyboard commands
  • I cant click to a user’s profile, again I must use the keyboard commands
  • To open a link, you again must right click the area or use keyboard commands
  • No way to see my archive of tweets
  • Unlike TwitterFox or the web site I cant click on the names that people @ to.
  • The application displays a person’s name(which throws me off personally)
  • Windows only, no Mac support. This really doesnt bother me, just thought I would point it out.

There were some good things about it but none that really stick out but here are a few just to be fair: It didnt crash, it was quick and easy to configure, it was a small download, and I was up and running quickly once it was setup.

If you are looking for a desktop application for Twitter I would have to say to go with Twirl (review to come soon) over Twitterlicious or to give TwitterFox a look as it integrates into Firefox very nicely.

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