Conference Schedule 2008

There seems to be more and more conferences each year. There is the usual Ad-Tech, SES, and SMX. Then there are smaller one offs such as ETail, Internet Retailer, and other events such as Woodstock 2.0 Expo. For a list of other off the beaten path conferences, take a look at a post from last year by Sugarrae.

Last year I was able to make it to the usual conferences and a few others that were new to me (SES NY and SMX Advanced) and then there was the yearly voyage to Pubcon. This year looks to have a similar flavor but with a few twists.

Here is a full list of conferences (if you know of others, please post them in comments as I want to expand beyond the usual suspects):

missed etail – oh well.
SES London Conference & Expo Feb 19-21
Affiliate Summit West February 24-26, 2008
SMX West – Santa Clara, CA (Feb 26-28)
SES New York Conference & Expo Mar 17-20
SMX Munich (in German, April 8-9)
SES Hamburg Forum Apr 10-11
SMX Sydney (April 10-11)
Ad Tech San Fran April 16-17
SMX China (April 18-19)
SMX Social Media – Long Beach, CA (April 22-23)
SMX Madrid (in Spanish, May 20-21)
SES Milan Forum May 27-28
SMX Advanced – Seattle, WA (June 3-4)
Internet Retailer 2008 – Chicago June 9-12

SES Toronto Conference & Expo Jun 17-18, 2008
Ad Tech Chicago Aug 5-6
Affiliate Summit Boston (August 10-12, 2008)
SES San Jose Conference & Expo Aug 18-21, 2008
Affiliate Summit New York City (October 5, 2008)
SMX East – NYC – (Oct. 6-8)
Blogworld Expo – Las Vegas – Sept 20-21
SMX London – November 2008
PubCon Las Vegas 2008 –  Nov 11-14, 2008
SES Chicago Conference & Expo Dec 8-11, 2008

The bolded/highlighted conferences are still on the table for me – Ill figure out in the next week which ones Ill be attending. Anyone have any others I should think about prior to making a final decision?

*Update: Pubcon has announced the dates for Vegas this year.

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  1. cshel Says:

    You *have* to go to SMX Seattle. It’s my birthday.

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