Seesmic Initial Thoughts

Well I logged into my email tonight and found a Seesmic invitation code. I have put my initial thoughts down here and will follow with a better and more in depth review in the coming weeks hopefully.

  1. Register section is all flash and doesnt seem to let me copy and paste my invitation code. Quite annoying.
  2. Why do services make you register and then login? Are you just checking? If you dont require me to verify who I am via an email link this just becomes a stupid step.
  3. Login failed… tried on a different screen and it worked. Huh?
  4. 10 languages supported – nice. Since my Spanish and German arent all that great – Im sticking with English.
  5. When messing with your settings you can use your camera and get a quick snapshot. I wonder how many people are mad that they cant use their 10 year old Glamour shot they have?
  6. So great – I entered some info and I see what is around but now what? I saw someone with a video title of “3rd attempt to capture and send”. No help/directions? I personally dont like to read them but a few “hints” would be nice.
  7. And well – my digital video cam doesnt seem to want to play nice and it makes me wonder what others are using. I will have to do some digging and work on my camera and my set up and try again.
  8. Finding shows of interest seems to be hard as well. They have a Shows Tab and from a person’s video I can see their followers, but no search functionality. How can I find people/topics that interest me? What if I want to find supporters of a given candidate or people that are cheering for the same Idol

Well that is all I have. Its late and Im not in the mood to watch people I have no interest in tonight. Ill come back soon and try it out some more and let you all know what I like/dont like.

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