How a blog works.

1. I write the in-depth or not so in-depth content.

2. You stumble across it, to it, follow RSS to it, follow a tweet to it,follow pownce to it, google to it, or find a blog via some other method.

3. You read it, think about it, enjoy it, hate it, dismiss it, scream/hoot/holler at it. In the end you will think something – hopefully. You may or may not follow some links – that is entirely up to you.

4. Maybe you will comment how how I am right/wrong, or how it was a great/horrible idea, or that it was the worst thing you ever read or perhaps it was the greatest moment in the history of mankind (Im not so worried about that happening here).

5. You stumble it, it, RSS it, tweet it, powncer it, blog it, or something do something else with it somewhere within your social world/empire. *These suggestions are optional but bloggers always appreciate it.

6. You are now a blog reader.

7. Now go into the world and make your own happy little blogs!

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