Corporate Blogs Need Love Too

There seems to be a bit of “do as I say and not as I do” going around.

There are some agencies of different types that are talking about the value of blogs and SEO, but don’t quite practice what they preach. It has always irked me when the teacher doesn’t follow his own rules (or recommendations, in this case).

Now, I’m not saying that all agency type companies MUST have a blog; I’m just saying that if you start one you should keep up on it. At the very least, if you cant keep it updated just kill it and avoid the ghost town look.

Neglected blogs cause potential clients to wonder if the company is even still in business. On the web you don’t have a storefront where I can walk up and window shop. Window shopping online is me doing a search, picking a result from the SERPs, clicking on it and reading. If you had a real storefront, you would NEVER let it look like no one has shown up for work in six months, so why would you let your site look like that? If I click and your store looks outdated, unkept, or not relevant, you can consider me gone. Why ignore a chance to win a possible buyer over?

I have found a couple examples of bad and good “corporate” blogs. The four blogs I selected are all in the SEO/Consulting space and should be enough for this short demonstration.

The first example site is . They started a blog in August 2006 and had 9 posts — a great start; however, over the past 15 months they have had a total of 10 posts. That’s not even a one post per month average, ladies and gentlemen. Many of the posts they did write were alerts to specials and not really quality content people would care to read. Tisk tisk. I guess they got too busy?

The second example is a local company that almost got off the ground ( with their one post on keywords, but there hasn’t been a peep since. Get a bit too busy did we? Maybe with the holidays being over they will get back to the blog — we will have to wait and see but I wont hold my breathe.

On the opposite side of these examples are blogs like Bruce Clay and Lee Odden. Bruce has “The Lisa” posting almost daily (I even ended up on
the blog — blurry picture of me at least). Lee and his team keep Online Marketing Blog updated on a very regular basis as well.

As a buyer of other services for myself, my company, and clients, I often wonder when I see these types of things. If you are a business that makes your living on the web, I would assume you would want to show me your good side. We have all heard people say they are too busy working on clients sites (and I do believe we all are busy), but you still must keep a clean house.

If you are to busy to keep up the blog – than close it. If you offer a tool/service for free and cant keep up on it – close it. I rather stumble across a site that works and leave happy then find you in the SERPS and leave annoyed that you just wasted my time.

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