Pubcon Las Vegas 2007

Pubcon Logo So Pubcon 2007 has come and gone – and Im

happy and sad. I spent a long time in

Las Vegas and by the end of the week I was more then ready to go. I spent the following weekend catching up on email, sleep, laundry, sleep, and just being anti-social.

Pubcon is great in that everyone that goes knows (well just about everyone) their head from their ass. The conversations are on a different level while being very hush hush – most people dont say what company they work for or if they are even white/black/gray hat. And who cares? We are all there to learn and be social – they dont call it a Pubcon for nothing.

So what did I learn? Im still not sure but I have a lot to read (all the sessions I missed) and I was able to see some friends I hadnt seen in a year or two. What more can a guy ask for?

Well a lot actually.

There was good and bad about the conference and some of them I have already passed on to the great Neil, Scott, Jeff, and Adam (sorry if I missed anyone) that help Brett put on Pubcon each time. These guys deserve a round of beers? applause? how about both? Some 2500 of us poured into the conference each day and they were able to keep things moving pretty smoothly. I would like to know who’s idea it was to have the keynote/auction area 50000 yards away from everything else??

Blatant Shout Outs

For most of the conference I was hanging out with a small group of friends and was for the most part pretty anti-social. I was able to squeeze time in with Rhea and her new husband Brad and of course the lovely Cshel. I was also tired of typing after blogging for Barry & Tamar for whom I covered 9 sessions (sorry about Wed morning Tamar) .

SEO Rascals – damn good times. Jon and Chris were up to their usual fun ( I should of snagged one of the Rascals when I had a chance). For an idea of what they were like just check out my pre-Pubcon post.

Parties? Well I did hit the Meet the Googlers party for a bit and then got dragged into the Werewolf party by Rae – a party put on by the Mozzers and a game I still dont quite get.

I did meet a few new people in my travels. Including TheMadHat whom I talk to on Twitter, Mozzer Jane Copland (who I always have seen but never really talked to at conferences), Ben Huh from I Can Has Cheezburger, and CK Chung or is this him? or both. I think that is if – if I missed you, give me a shout as I still am finding biz cards here and there.

I look forward to a quiet winter with a Spring Pubcon out East somewhere. Later this week or when I have a chance I will go over my notes and point out the highlights of the 9 sessions I covered. It is late and I have work – so Im out.

Oh, one last thing. Todd, thanks for the beer. But thenย  who doesnt know who this guy is? Anyone? ๐Ÿ™‚


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  1. cK ! Says:

    Hey Dave! They are both me. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Great to meet ya, too!

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