I am currently busy working on a few client and personal projects. I am not able to talk about most of them due to either NDA or because they are not ready to be shown off quite yet.

One project of mine that you may have noticed by following me on Twitter is my own personal URL shortener.   I have had problems with many of the popular ones at some point and would prefer to literally be “the master of my own domain” and control the destiny of those links. To do this I went and created and am loving it.  I may eventually modify the script to allow for more users but at this time I like my servers stable and running.

In the coming months I will more news but until then stay tuned.  If you would like to slow the work on these side projects of mine you can do so by hiring me as a free lancer and I will welcome the fun and challenge that a new project brings.  Just hit me up and drop me an email.