I don’t consider myself an expert/guru or whatever else people are all claiming to be on Twitter and LinkedIn. What I do consider myself to be is a good online marketer. Whether it is driving traffic to a site, cleaning up a disaster of a coded website, or increasing conversion – that I can do.

Social – Again, I’m not a social media guru and those that say they are (well, 99.9% of them) are just selling you a load of crap. I do sign up for every social network that a person can possibly can, I play in the sandbox, I study some of them as much as I can, I watch what others do, and when it makes sense I advise companies to also be there. Every social networking site is different and not every network is the right fit for every person or company. If you are trying to understand where you should be listening, interacting, or leading the discussion at, let me know and maybe I can help.

SEO – If you are asking why you should hire someone to help you with SEO I have a question for you as well. If you were training for a marathon would you hire a trainer if you could or would you go it alone? If you are simply doing it for fun, then perhaps you don’t need a trainer, but if you want to compete, be efficient, be thorough and win, then you would get a trainer. So do you want your business to just show up, or do you want to win?

PPC – Google, Yahoo, MSN – are you on all three? Do you want to be? Let me know and I will help you from the keyword research to building the landing pages and with everything in between.

Web Development – I have over 8 years of experience with ColdFusion and have been known to get into PHP or ASP as needed.

In the past I had a “9 to 5” but currently own my own digital agency in Chicago. So if you need help with a website or project just let me know.